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At STYC we empower the next generation of young men and women a  "take action" purpose over their lives and achieve a positive change in our community so a profound impact established.  Networking and build the skills so that they can not only become a resource one day and help others and establish economic mobility


Local Compliance Checks:

STYC works with the Alcohol Beverage Control team to ensure retailers are in compliance with state and local laws that safeguard youth from purchasing alcohol and tobacco products.  We also work with the community to identify businesses where profit is a priority over our youth.  


We highlight the stores whose clerks have taken the alcohol servers training and reward the clerks who pass a compliance check.  We encourage the community to assist us.  


Contact the STYC office at 502.749.9173 .

Other Community Involvement:

Northwest Area Health Education Center

Promoting Common Health Throughout the Commonwealth

What better time than now to talk with your kids about drugs, tobacco and alcohol. We can help. Use the links below.


Click on the links below access more information    

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