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To provide a path to success for our youth through prevention education, opportunities, goal setting, family bonding and positive experiences.

The family institute will provide workshops in the following and more:

  • Family First - Dinner Project- An introduction to the concept of family bonding through eating at the dinner table. Recipes and conversation prompts are provided. Disconnecting from devices will be encouraged and boxes to secure devices will also be provided.

  • Family Financial Education – An introduction to the basics to financial literacy. Goal setting.

  • How to Talk with Your Teen. -  This workshop shares tips on how to approach and talk with your teen and make an impact; regardless of the issue.

  • Eyes Wide Open - Workshop for parents only.   Parents, understanding that what they see, may not be; and how to handle it.

  • STYC Media Studio – Workshop for families to learn how to write and record PSA’s and social media videos and how to post positive social media messages as a family.

  • Gun Safety Program – An extension of the Little Hands & Little Feet gun safety program

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