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parent's den

PARENT'S DEN ( Parents Only )

Open communication with our children is the most important factor that we hold dear.  Children will turn to us when we are needed only if they believe it's a safe space of confidence.


At STYC, we know it's hard to be a parent and we also know that it's hard to balance both the role of a disciplinarian as well as being the person to go-to for any reason.  So at STYC we have created tools as well as free links to be able to educate yourself and assist you in effectively navigating your child into adulthood.  We offer this because we care about you, your child and the community they will someday lead.

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A Parent's Worst Nightmare!  "Not my child"
   Oh, it's possible and right under your nose!
                    Don't be the last to know.

A parent's worst nightmare - "not my child" exhibit is  highly requested by schools and parents.


This program is designed to give a parent the tools necessary to stay ahead of the game and to recognize when their child is participating in behaviors that could be harmful.


The take away:, you will walk away being able to identify the signs of substance use or misuse. You will be able to answer those questions: Is my child smoking?...drinking?... selling?  And finally, you will leave with resources to use when you as a parent deems appropriate.

Extended due to popular demand! Call the office or email

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