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                      AWARDED 2023-2024 CDC DRUG-FREE COMMUNITIES
                                              CONTINUATION GRANT

Louisville, KY   June 27, 2023 

In a significant boost to the community's efforts in combating the growing issue of youth drug abuse, Shawnee Transformation Youth Coalition has been awarded $125,000.00 for the ninth year of a 10-year grant of 1.25 million dollars for their commendable work in youth drug prevention. This substantial funding, provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Drug-Free Communities Grant, is expected to continue a transformative impact on the lives of young individuals in the Shawnee and Parkland neighborhoods.

October 20, 2023, until the end of November 2023

REGISTER HERE :  Email Andrea Manierre at

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Extended for a second time. 
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                                            Make Donating Easy!

If you are an Amazon shopper, switch your regular Amazon account to smile.Amazon.  Amazon will give approximately .05% of your purchase to your chosen organization (STYC). Once you set it up, there's no need to do more. Amazon will send a quarterly collective check to STYC from all who designated STYC as their charitable organization.

STYC's Official name:  Shawnee Transformation Youth Coalition

Are you a Kroger shopper?
Go to  If you haven't set up an account yet, you'll need to do that. They'll need your usual info, email, name, address, etc.  Chances are you already gave them all this when you signed up for the card, but you need to tie together the card info with an online account.

Once you're logged in, go to My Account, Select Community Rewards, then Edit.  If you happen to know the organization's code,  put that in the Search box.  If not, type in the name of the group you want to help in the Search box and click Search.  You'll get the closest results.  If the group you're looking for pops up in the results, select them, then Save and they're now set up!


Youth Advocate training/planning session -     Sweet Peaches Restuarant

STYC lights up the Big 4 Bridge in honor of Red Ribbon Week

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