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Blight is a neighborhood's visible and physical decline, characterized by abandoned buildings, overgrown lots, and neglected properties. This deterioration not only affects the aesthetic appeal of our community but also poses health and safety risks, decreases property values, and fosters crime. By signing this petition, you are demanding action for a cleaner, safer, and more vibrant environment. Together, we can transform our surroundings into a place we are proud to call home, improving our quality of life and fostering community pride. Let's work together to eliminate blight and restore the beauty and safety of our neighborhood.

                                 Petition for Exterior Improvements at

                 2533 W Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville Kentucky 40212


We, the undersigned residents and patrons of the community, kindly request the owners of Corner Liquors to enhance the exterior appearance and safety of their property located at 2533 W Muhammad Ali Blvd. Our community values businesses that contribute positively to our neighborhood's aesthetics and safety. As such, we propose the following improvements:

1. Clean and Spruce Up the Exterior: Regular maintenance to ensure the building and surrounding area are clean and visually appealing. This includes repainting the facade, removing graffiti, and maintaining the landscaping.

2. Improve Lighting: Install adequate and well-placed lighting around the property, including the entrance, parking lot, and surrounding sidewalks. Proper lighting will deter criminal activities and increase safety for customers and passersby.

3. Lessen Obstructions in Windows: Remove or reduce window obstructions such as posters and signs. Clear windows enhance visibility into and out of the store, improving safety and security for both employees and customers.

The community hopes you put some urgency to our request, as we believe these changes can ensure a thriving and welcoming community for everyone.


Thank you for your consideration.


The petition is located at the STYC office, 2900 W Broadway Suite 226. You can also sign the petition at community events where we are tabling or attending. 

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REGISTER HERE:  Email Andrea at

Are you a Kroger shopper?
Go to  If you haven't set up an account yet, you'll need to do that. They'll need your usual info, email, name, address, etc.  Chances are you already gave them all this when you signed up for the card, but you need to tie together the card info with an online account.

Once you're logged in, go to My Account, Select Community Rewards, then Edit.  If you happen to know the organization's code,  put that in the Search box.  If not, type in the name of the group you want to help in the Search box and click Search.  You'll get the closest results.  If the group you're looking for pops up in the results, select them, then Save and they're now set up!

                                            Make Donating Easy!

If you are an Amazon shopper, switch your regular Amazon account to smile.Amazon.  Amazon will give approximately .05% of your purchase to your chosen organization (STYC). Once you set it up, there's no need to do more. Amazon will send a quarterly collective check to STYC from all who designated STYC as their charitable organization.

STYC's Official name:  Shawnee Transformation Youth Coalition

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