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Most Teens:

Don't smoke weed

Don't drink alcohol
Don't smoke tobacco

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month 

Prom is a special night that should be enjoyed safely and responsibly. As a substance prevention organization, STYC encourages parents to not be a social host and to not allow underage drinking on their property. It's not only dangerous, but it's also illegal. Let's work together to keep our youth safe and healthy on prom night.

Take a stand against substance abuse in your neighborhood with our 'Not in my house' yard signs. These signs send a powerful message to the community that you do not condone drug or alcohol use on your property. Contact us to get your hands on our yard signs today!


STYC was designed to create change within our community by building strong children.

STYC is a substance prevention program, to provide drug education and awareness and to develop leadership skills in our youth. 


Teen Advocate Program

The YOUTH ADVOCATES are taught to use their voices to improve issues that impact their lives and their future successes.

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The Family Institute

The FAMILY INSTITUTE is a space that builds strong families through family workshops and activities

Parent's Den

The PARENT'S DEN provides parent resources to assist parents and caregivers in navigating through the teen years. 


STYCtalks and all STYC programs serve local youth and families to create positive social change and an economic impact in our community.

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